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16: How to Create HTML5 Videos and Embed Videos | Learn HTML and CSS | HTML Tutorial | Basics of CSS How myparuchia.com

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Information 16: How to Create HTML5 Videos and Embed Videos | Learn HTML and CSS | HTML Tutorial | Basics of CSS

Title :  16: How to Create HTML5 Videos and Embed Videos | Learn HTML and CSS | HTML Tutorial | Basics of CSS
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Frames 16: How to Create HTML5 Videos and Embed Videos | Learn HTML and CSS | HTML Tutorial | Basics of CSS

Description 16: How to Create HTML5 Videos and Embed Videos | Learn HTML and CSS | HTML Tutorial | Basics of CSS

Comments 16: How to Create HTML5 Videos and Embed Videos | Learn HTML and CSS | HTML Tutorial | Basics of CSS

Thanks for 38,000 views! Glad to have been able to help some of you start making whiteboard videos. After seeing the success of the video, I joined the VideoScribe Affiliate program. If you’re planning on trying it out, consider using my link in the Description! It's no extra cost to you guys and will help out the channel! I won't hide that it's an affiliate link and will always be transparent with you guys. Good luck on your projects!
Comment from : Dreamlet

My self
U r great
Comment from : My self

Mr. Lorand
Interesting video 🙂👇

Comment from : Mr. Lorand

chongbura chhakchuak
You lost me at 29 dollars
Comment from : chongbura chhakchuak

MyYou Tube
1 hour for each 1 minute of video that is toooo much time !
Comment from : MyYou Tube

Mustafa Khan
Thanks its very helpful
Comment from : Mustafa Khan

Better you change the title of the video to "Show off my work not a tutorial"
Comment from : Onlineseoblog

Amit Jain
I love your voice..
Comment from : Amit Jain

Super, thank you so much. Fantastic, good job. I hope I can get started soon. Thanks
Comment from : LIVE2LOVE

Dr. Aniket
thank you brother for this
Comment from : Dr. Aniket

Rx - Pert
Separate audio? Kill it and bring original audio back, why? Premiere Pro? What are the 'right levels?' Cool informative video nonetheless, thx.
Comment from : Rx - Pert

Kafui Wutoh
Hello, can i get your email address so we could deal directly ?
Comment from : Kafui Wutoh

Knowledge Expo
Those who wanna make whiteboard only on smartphones, they can try kinemaster app, checkout my creation

Comment from : Knowledge Expo

How do you make sure you synchronyze the video with the voiceover?
Comment from : RaduFitness

Tushar Parab
whre did you get that blue keyboard cover ? link plz
Comment from : Tushar Parab

Ashish Madaan
Can we add video clip/clips in the animation
Comment from : Ashish Madaan

Very clear. Thank you

Uppu ShrKhan
Thankyou so much for sharing this.😊
Comment from : Uppu ShrKhan

Knowledge Expo
Great video, I was using kine master app but this software seems perfect.
Comment from : Knowledge Expo

Thank you. Then how do you record the screen?
Comment from : Sandz

karthik manikanta
what u r ambidextrous
Comment from : karthik manikanta

Andrea Mangle
I really like your content and structure. you have been able to teach us one thing in a limited amount of time, you've been able to keep our eyes on the video and giving us great content. THANK YOU, it's very much appreciated. I am starting YouTube by the way!!!
Comment from : Andrea Mangle

Pouya Nadri
Thank you, Dreamlet; your videos are very helpful
Comment from : Pouya Nadri

Gospel music
www.youtube.com/channel/UCAwQORXwrO-9xij1UzH3VTA?view_as=subscriber shout out to this new YouTuber help him grow
Comment from : Gospel music

I Had my first video from kinemaster in my new youtube channel---- click on above link" youtu.be/Pv5owCJxLwY" and plzz like the video and subscribe our channel 😁😁

Which white board did you use
Comment from : KNOW EVERYTHING!!!!

Aj Mator
what scripting app did he say we should use?
Comment from : Aj Mator

Phoenix Consulting and Training Worldwide
Loved this vid, wish I had found it BEFORE making several Videoscribe explainers. They came out ok, but good lord, took forever. I think it's because I just could not get used to working without a traditional timeline (NLE). Heck, if they just gave me set frames so I did not have to adjust the camera across an entire canvas, just to create each frame. Maybe it's my age, but I cursed for days. But I have to do another, and while Sparkol is relatively cheap - down to 18$ - I am thinking about trying Vyond or Raw Shorts... what say u? Thx!!!
Comment from : Phoenix Consulting and Training Worldwide

Amazing Life
Thanks learn a lot
Comment from : Amazing Life

marianthe martian
It's already $35/ month and $168/ year as of May 6, 2020, sad. why didnt you record using the videoscribe?
Comment from : marianthe martian

I adore the prettiness but how rational I am being? 40 minutes for one minute of video (80minutes for a beginner) AFTER you have considered and drafted your plans...mnnn...One 10 minute video per week = one entire working day gone to regurgitate information that takes a human 10 minutes to digest (might be less if some of it is already known or intuited). Costs you 29 bucks a month = each hour you toil away, you give the owners of VideoScribe a dollar plus a load of free intel for them. BUt what about the opportunity cost! What else could you have done?

What new knowledge, concepts, ideas, experiments, research you could have created in that time, spending those 36 hours creatively, instead of just learning and applying 0 vs 1 routines you are paying someone else to design and collect from? In other words, remembering that the important stuff is your ideas, and you jotted them down BEFORE you even started this. Conclusion, you will be dumber for spending your time doing this but crazy as the world is now, you might get hired and admired for it, because the result is so eye-catching and amusing for the current demographic doing the hiring and admiring. So who is the dumb one now? Me! Congrats on 500K views, 12.2K subscribers. I have zero views and subscribers!

Comment from : TommyTwobats

Comment from : S.NAYEEM

goddamn, and I was about to pay $50 dollars a month for Adobe After Effects and take like 20+ hours on a whiteboard video!
Thanks so much for this! This is incredible.
Btw u have great background music taste.

Comment from : JUSTINE Kim

This is the first time I decreased the speed of a video on youtube instead of increasing it :)
Comment from : MysticHealer

Randi Beal
👂hEARS him saying crappy handwriting*
(Pun Intended with hears cuz the word ears is in hears and hears is an ear topic😂)

Comment from : Randi Beal

Randi Beal
Isn't the last step optional? 😂
Comment from : Randi Beal

Tariq Khanzada
thank you. its the best video tutorial so far related to whiteboard animation.
i rank it first after watching 15 videos on youtube.

Comment from : Tariq Khanzada

Onesmo Hamis
Very helpful
Comment from : Onesmo Hamis

Sonali Porwal
Video ki starting konse app se edit krri
Comment from : Sonali Porwal

Funnel Secrets
Awesome video! I'm using VideoScribe now and really love how easy and the freedom you have, however, my rendering seems to take insanely long for what the videos are. Is this because of my output settings or what could it be? What file type do you render your files to and how long does it take for you? For reference, I have an i5 9600k, RTX2070 and 16gb of ram... It's many times faster rendering 4k footage from Premiere Pro than a 5-minute VideoScribe movie and it's really annoying to the point where I'm looking for alternatives...
Comment from : Funnel Secrets

Arun Yadav
Top White bord animation see and give me any feedback ....don't miss everyone dear

Comment from : Arun Yadav

Outside Our Cave
Great and entertaining video! 
Is it possible to upload your own graphics there and let those be drawn?

Comment from : Outside Our Cave

Scooby Doo
How long does it take to make a minute whiteboard video?
Comment from : Scooby Doo

Reena Dikshit
Comment from : Reena Dikshit

Mental Manasulo
Keeping that phone away while developing ur script...the most important tip!!
Comment from : Mental Manasulo

Mental Manasulo
I realised that I watched this vidoe when I was just brainstorming my idea about starting my YouTube channel a month ago. Now came back to tell you thanks. Really really helpful.
Comment from : Mental Manasulo

EV Goud
Actually I'm waiting for this.
Thank you

Comment from : EV Goud

TheLords Army
This can be used offline right?
Comment from : TheLords Army

Learn With Chenchu
Thank You Dreamlet
You Helped me a lot

Comment from : Learn With Chenchu

lushin burl
You racist . You used a white board.

Jk im practicing my democrat impersonation.

Comment from : lushin burl

great tips, i love it but next time try reducing the video size 62.5MB was too much for just 8 minutes video length. thanks
Comment from : UBTECH Media

Sa Nafiz
copyright video
Comment from : Sa Nafiz

Puffy & Pandy
Awesome tips. I woke up early today for a change and wow I felt energised all day. The more you sleep, the more you want to sleep.
Comment from : Puffy & Pandy

Yasmim Martins
Ual, thanks, it really helped me💛
Comment from : Yasmim Martins

Techy Rich
Bro one very deo on free animation
Comment from : Techy Rich

Mia Elaine
Do you know if you can change the skin color of the hand? I'm a Black woman so really don't want a white, presumably male hand guiding my vids lol.
Comment from : Mia Elaine

Zulkarnain Ali
I created one in my channel with videoscribe
Comment from : Zulkarnain Ali

Maria Espinosa
Good thing to do in corona time ✨
Comment from : Maria Espinosa

Dr. Aniruddha Patil
You are really awesome in your communications.

Comment from : Dr. Aniruddha Patil

Pietro Manning
Thanks I realy loved this video
I have a question though
What kind of laptop are you using?

Comment from : Pietro Manning

Free Stock Footage
I love your videos, You really give quality helpful information
Comment from : Free Stock Footage

Thank you for making this video I’m going to make my first whiteboard animation for my colloquium to clear my teaching credential
Comment from : Lilbetsy_79

Does it work on the ipad tablet
Only tablet i have
I cant draw on a desktop, its too cumbersome

Comment from : nystagmus

sruthi k
Use the below link for email bulking

Comment from : sruthi k

What a good idea
Comment from : MS KHAN TV

Arsa Az zahrah
Thx for your tutorial that ia worth
Comment from : Arsa Az zahrah

CLivE D'Souza
Fantastic video. Thank you so much.
Comment from : CLivE D'Souza

Ksatyendra Kmishra
Comment from : Ksatyendra Kmishra

Dealer Andre
nice video! just follow you!
I am going to draw animation on my channel as well, not professions, just some fun!
lets be friend!

Comment from : Dealer Andre

Jake Lambeth
Hey everyone if you guys are looking for whiteboard animation creators that could make your lives a bit easier and can do all this work for you for a crazy low price, click on this link and check out how many distinct creators can help you. This site is legit and its World Wide!! I've put a few spaces in the link, so when you put it together, it will take you to the site you're looking for.
https: //bit.l y/34wkK9A

Comment from : Jake Lambeth

Octavia Tansri
can you make more thing about whiteboard animation???
Comment from : Octavia Tansri

Ab Khezri
Comment from : Ab Khezri

Wagma Khalid
Comment from : Wagma Khalid

Gaming Hunter
God damnit
My life has been a lie the whole time
I always thought that hands were of the YouTuber

Comment from : Gaming Hunter

Nur Syahadha
i stopped watching when he said $29
Comment from : Nur Syahadha

Siddhartha Hazarika
Great video Bro..just need to know can images from e books can be used in white board animation..
Comment from : Siddhartha Hazarika

Teacher: Improve your handwriting
Comment from : Alimindreader

Deepankar Chugh
Why have you stopped making videos?
Comment from : Deepankar Chugh

Blessing IAS Solutions
tones of thanks
Comment from : Blessing IAS Solutions

Perfect! Just what i looked for. Thanks alot :)
Comment from : HatinKiwi

New Naturel
After watching this video, I want to make a whiteboard animation video. Can you earn money from YouTube with whiteboard animation?
Comment from : New Naturel

Sorry. Why did you take about 1hour 20 to recoding.
Comment from : よっち

WorldWild Med
Great video. I always thought the people who made these videos were artists themselves. Question, are you able to incorporate your own figures/drawings in this software?
Comment from : WorldWild Med

U tube Trend
Very informative..
Comment from : U tube Trend

Yash Bansal
When he tell the 4th point i.e. 29$
I come here make this comment and leave the video.
Bye bye 👋

Comment from : Yash Bansal

Aaquib Jawaid
Can we use Videoscribe software on Android phone ??
Comment from : Aaquib Jawaid

Mas Sepeda
For a beginner, which one fits best: videoscribe or animaker?
Comment from : Mas Sepeda

freelancers world
Comment from : freelancers world

Jump to Improve
Any new Youtubers here? Best of luck and keep improving!
Comment from : Jump to Improve

Jump to Improve
Any new Youtubers here? Best of luck and keep improving!
Comment from : Jump to Improve

Thanks you inspiring me to do more whiteboard animation
Comment from : STUDIO MAYMA

l h
We didn’t even see the result :( no idea what you’re doing.
Comment from : l h

Jenifer Anhalt
This was awesome! Thank you!
Comment from : Jenifer Anhalt

psv Kushal
is there any free version alternative for this software?
Comment from : psv Kushal

Filmer votre ecran à l aide de Power point/ A way to film a computer screen using PowerPoint

Comment from : FOR YOU

I do the same things with whiteboard animation on my channel 😊
Comment from : STUDIO MAYMA

said said
thanks aloooot
Comment from : said said

Patrick Browder
Ok, the handstand was a seriously bad idea. I almost took out my sister's cat.
Comment from : Patrick Browder

Great tutorial, thanks for the introduction ;)
Comment from : WenXuanDecode文轩解码

Publio Garcia
I knows you wants to be dinamics but go to fast to me.
Comment from : Publio Garcia

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